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04-14-2007, 11:56 PM
Sent to me from a friend...

1. CHAR KOAY TEOW - Jalan Imbi KL: the corner restaurant which is on the same row with Sakura, and opposite of Honda Kah Motor.

2. WANTAN MEE/KARI MEE - End of old Subang airport road: in the Subang New Village Town Centre.

3. TAPIOCA NOODLES & VEGETABLES - Old Klang Road KL: a shack behind a Chinese primary school, after the market and the post office (which would be on your left).

4. KARI MEE (LEMAK) - SS1 PJ: Alisan Restaurant (2nd shop from corner), facing the Lorenzo Furniture Shop.

5. ROAST DUCK RICE - SEA Park PJ: Sunrise Coffee Shop.

6. PRAWN MEE/KARI MEE/CHEE CHEONG FUN - SEA Park PJ: Coffee Shop near old Paramount Theatre.

7. CHICKEN RICE - SEA Park PJ: Coffee Shop opposite SEA Park Market, run by 2 ladies.

8. FISH HEAD BEE HOON - Jln Gasing PJ: Seng Kee Restaurant.

9. MISCELLANEOUS - SS24 Tmn Megah PJ: A hawker centre with over 70 hawker stalls (!!) all serving different dishes, no duplicates (!!), which boast the best of each kind in town (!!).

10. YONG TAU FOO - Ampang New Town/Ampang Village KL: there are 3 shops, so have your pick.

11. PAN MEE - Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman KL: behind Kah Motors.

12. HOKKIEN MEE - Petaling Street KL: opposite Hong Leong Bank.

13. CHAR SIEW RICE - Jalan Tung Shin KL:

14. NASI KANDAR - Taipan, Subang PJ: Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant with a branch in SS2 a coffee shop formerly known as Cheow Yang.

15. TEH TARIK & ROTI - Taman Desa KL: next to the water tank.


17. CHOW KOAY TEOW & PRAWN MEE - LIttle Penang.

18. BAK KUT TEH - Jalan Imbi KL: behind Hong Leong Bank.

19. SATAY - Ampang KL: Naan Corner in between International School and RSPCA, called Nur Satay.

20. BANANA LEAF RICE - SS2 PJ: behind Lisa De Inn hotel called Kannas.

21. NASI LEMAK - Suzi Corner, next to Ampang City (used to be called Kerry).

22. WAN TAN MEE/CHAR SIEW - Jln Sungai Besi KL: on the way to PLUS. Only open at 7pm-2am, a car repair shop by day.

23. BEEF BRISKET NOODLES - Tengkat Tong Shin KL: runs parallel to Jalan Alor. Stall near the beginning of the road. Open at night till late.

24. CHAR SIEW/CHICKEN RICE - Tengkat Tong Shin KL: further up the road. Old prewar shop house. This has to be the drop dead unhealthiest piece of anything you can insert in your mouth in KL? but to die for. Chicken is strictly as filler to make sure you don't get a heart attack overdosing on char siew.

25. FISH BALLS - Tengkat Tong Shin KL: a little further up the road from char siew. Stall inside a coffee shop. This guy is good, look at the amount of people he employs to help out!

26. HOKKIEN MEE (KL style -thick, black, yummy - sounds kinky) Petaling Street KL: at the intersection opposite Hong Leong Bank. Full of porcine goodness. Still the gold standard of Hokkien Mee.

27. SEAFOOD NOODLES - Segambut KL: near Auto Bavaria. A big bowl full of noodles and assorted mussels, prawns, cuttlefish, fish etc. for reasonable price. Pick of soup, clear, tom yam, curry. Forget the rest, or for the curry. Soya bean with cincau not bad. Avoid on Sunday mornings. You will wait for an hour. Fried Chicken Rice (only on Weds and Sat)!!

28. PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH - Seri Hartamas KL: Finnegan's... A big plate filled with a pot of pate, slices of ham, pickle, onion, chunks of cheese, a slab of butter, 4 hunks of bread. If you are EXTREMELY hungry, this one's for you.

29. CHEF'S SALAD - Seri Hartamas KL: Flagz... behind Souled Out. This salad is as all salads should be - crunchy FRESH veggies, and the dressing is to die for. The best salad in town and I don't even like salad. Beer is the freshest in town too, great bite.

30. HOKKIEN MEE (Penang style otherwise known as Prawn Mee) Champ's... Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru KL: Standard gone down somewhat recently, but still head and shoulders above all others in KL. You'll have to go to Penang to beat this.

31. CHAR KOAY TEOW - Bukit Damansara KL: behind Hock Lee supermarket, next to Shell. Corner stall inside coffee shop. Best in KL. The fellow has been frying for longer than I can recall, and he is so good that you may have to wait up to 45 minutes during lunchtime. Doesn't use too much oil almost perfect. As above, you'll have to go to Penang to beat this. Other stalls in the same shop not bad.

32. CHICKEN RICE - Jalan Gasing PJ: same row as Southern Bank, 2 shops one in the middle, one in the corner. Can't decide which is better, but both are very good. Middle one has Ipoh Taugeh.

33. BAK KUT TEH - Klang: just about anywhere. Hokkien Association off the main highway leading to the heart of Klang is a good place for a start.

34. DIM SUM - Marriott Hotel KL:. Chinese restaurant here serves northern China style dim sum. Easily best dim sum in town. A little pricey.

35. FISH HEAD - Off Jalan Sungai Besi KL: just past Wan Tan Mee, turn left right after BP. Three shops clumped together. All look dilapidated but don't worry. Don't know what type of fish they get their heads from, but I suspect fresh water fish. Hot sauce fish head to die for. Extremely reasonable prices.

36. BAK KUT TEH - Segambut KL: go past Auto Bavaria, follow road all the way until you see a Chinese temple on your left. Enter the temple courtyard and you will see a tin shack where they serve Bak Kut Teh. Not quite up there with Klang, but nothing to sneeze at. Go for yam rice rather than white rice. Fried Chicken Rice (only on Weds and Sat)!!

37. NASI/KERABU/LAUT - Taman Tun KL: the other end of Secret Recipe in a store on the same block, usually with a van outside. Truly Kelantanese style. Only in the morning though.

38. SEAFOOD - Pulau Carey: get to Jalan Banting and follow signs to Pulau Carey. Place called Kang Guan, just before the actual bridge onto the island. Cheap!

39. NASI LEMAK - TangLin at Lake Gardens KL: near the Clinic. Only open when government offices open.

40. CHICKEN RICE - Sri Rampai: Bing Restaurant... Wait till you drop dead to eat the chicken rice. Worth it.

04-30-2007, 03:06 PM
Sounds yummy... i got 1 contribution too ..

1. Bah Kut Teh - Petaling Street ( near the junction corner ) - Nice Treatment