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ShaolinTiger 09-11-2007 10:23 AM

Buy and Sell Sections at Shutter Asia
PLEASE put your post in the right section, it's not difficult!

These sections are only for NON-COMMERCIAL sales - if you are a supplier, retailer or dealer please find somewhere else to sell your goods. This means it's restricted to second hand goods, or small quantity of new goods from private sellers.

Mass Orders by our members are also welcome as long as they are not for the intention of making profit.

If you wish to Sell something put it in the SELL section.

Want to SELL

If you wish to Buy something put it in the BUY section.

Want to BUY

If you wish to ask/trade/organize an MO or something, put it here in the main Buy and Sell section.

Buy or Sell at Shutter Asia

For non-camera related items (both buying and selling) please use this section:


From today onwards any Buy/Sell posts in the wrong section will be removed without notice and the poster given an infraction which could lead to banning.

Do not post in any thread unless you are interesting in BUYING the item (WTS) or you have the item the poster is looking for (WTB). Do NOT post price suggestions or anything considered 'price policing'.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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