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softbunny 08-24-2012 08:09 AM

In loving memory of my darling Fulat
My hubby went in peace but in a somewhat confused state. Let us pray he can cross over safely. Please pray to your own respective gods.

Let's all say a prayer and thank GOD for all the good things he has arranged for me.

The 1st 10 things that I would like to thank GOD for

1. Giving me 4 happy years with my Hunny
2. Letting me have great photography sessions with him
3. Buying a condo near my own family
4. Have great support from his family and my own family
5. Have great friends and colleagues
6. Not collapsing at home as I was home alone or while driving
7. Signed the insurance policy on 14/8/11 making it exactly 1 year and a bit.
8. Not regaining consciousness
9. Left in peace
10. Smooth and good support Funeral arrangements

Thank you GOD!

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