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Shutter Asia - Forum Rules


Shutter Asia (SA) was set-up in March 2007 by a group of like-minded friends who were interested in photography, food and travel, the idea was for the site to become a friendly community for photography enthusiasts and travelers around Asia and other areas, for asking questions, sharing photographs & techniques, discussing travel, places to eat and good locations for photography plus learning in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

There is a lot of information on the Internet regarding photography and especially equipment and technical terms (Aperture, Shutter, White Balance etc) but it can be very daunting for a new user or even confusing for an intermediate user. We wanted to get away from the bad attitudes, gear talk, cliques and flaming of other sites and communities and create a relaxed, but knowledgeable user base that will eventually fill our forum wonderful information and images

We do always recommend that new users use the Search Feature as a lot of common questions have already been asked/answered.

Please note, breaking any of the below rules may result in warning, suspension or permanent banning of your account.

Breaking any of the below rules will most likely result in an Infraction, this is basically a warning that is recorded in the system.

Please note that to send Private Messages, you need to make 1 post in the forum (not in Chit/Chat sections or Buy/Sell).

After signing up please create a thread to introduce yourself here.

General Rules

First of all this is a friendly place, so be nice. Also do search & do a little research before asking as many things have already been answered and people can get frustrated with the same old questions. Most importantly have fun and share your pictures/adventures with us!
  • Please speak to others as you would if you were talking face to face, this means no text speak, slang or weird language no-one understands.
  • Avoid any kinds of offensive/abusive, racial, sexual, political, derogatory or inflammatory comments, of course jokes within limits are acceptable in the Chit-Chat section.
  • Avoid any topics relating or pertaining to religion or politics, this includes the Chit-Chat section and the Shoutbox. These are sensitive and personal topics and are not suited to an easy going Photography and Travel community.
  • Please refrain from any personal attacks, even if you disagree with someone, you should respect their right to have an opinion
  • Ensure the country in your profile is correct as this will be verified against the IP Address you used to join with.
  • If someone has offended you, it was probably a mistake or misunderstanding, do take the issue up in a Private Message and don't start a flame war in public. Discretion should always be taken to keep the tone friendly and to avoid needless flame wars.
  • Only ONE username is allowed per person, if you have another for any reason please notify us so we can remove the redundant account.
  • Trolling for the sake of it won't get you anywhere, please avoid doing this, for the uninitiated trolling is purposely trying to start a pointless argument or flame fest. Trollers can and often are banned from the site on the first offence.
  • Lurking is good, this means hanging around, reading plenty of posts and getting a feel for the forum, if you do this you will know how to post to get the best out of the forum.
  • Please be constructive with your input. When posting a question or query please post what you have done so far and what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. Often, it is a good idea to describe your camera, or software settings.
  • Remember to be as nice/friendly as possible and have fun, after all that's why we are all here.
  • When critiquing people's pictures do try to be constructive, and respect their decision if they do not want comments or criticism. As a general rule anything in the Photography sections can be commented on. Do give proper feedback on how to improve the picture, not just what is wrong with it.

Image Posting, Signatures/Avatars

  • Image attachments are limited to 1024 pixels at the longest side and less than 600kb.
  • This includes any images linked to from off site galleries (pbase, flickr, imagebucket etc.) Please limit the images to 1024 pixels at the longest side.
  • Please ensure ALL images are posted inline (displayed in the thread) and are not links to attachments or images offsite. Images not inline may be removed without notice. This is a photography forum after all and we do want to see the images.
  • You can find a guide to resize your images here and how to attach them inline here.
  • In the Shutter - Fix My Pic section as condition of "fixing" someone's picture, you acknowledge that the copyright of the picture remains with the original copyright owner. If you upload the picture to a third party service and not Shutter Asia, please mark the picture as Private.
  • User Avatars are limited to 100x100 pixels max and 35kb max file size.
  • Please take some care when posting your images and read the Photography Section descriptions to make sure you choose the right section. If you consistently post in the wrong sections you may have your rights removed.
  • If you post a series of related images, please make sure they are in one thread, not multiple threads.
  • NO animated Avatars.
  • NO images in Signatures.
  • Only use standard text size (or smaller), non-obtrusive colours and 5 or fewer lines in Signatures.
  • If you wish to link to your site in your Signature please show some courtesy and link back to us on your site (this is not strictly enforced).
  • Nothing offensive/overtly sexual or deemed of bad taste (outside the realms of common decency) will be allowed in Attached/Linked Images, Avatars or Signatures.
  • No leeching/grabbing/copying other people's work and claiming it as your own


  • When posting please take CARE with your posts, double check the spelling and grammar don't use abbreviations like "ur" and "iz" and "da" as it's annoying and childish and your posts will be removed. English may not be your first language but that's not excuse not to make an effort. Read how other people post, use a spell-checker, this all boils down to having some respect for us and Shutter Asia!.
  • If you are not sure what a term or acronym is, please look it up in the Shutter Asia Photography Dictionary & Acronyms or on Google before asking. If you can't find it, feel free to ask.
  • If a topic gets locked by a Moderator or an Administrator, please do not restart the same topic in another thread. This could result in your being banned from the site.
  • When you post feedback or a question please try and make the subject as specific as possible, this helps people searching for answers and aids people answering questions to easily locate questions relevant to their area of expertise e.g. 'I need help' is not effective whereas 'Washed out colours in Adobe Photoshop CS2' is.
  • If a discussion in an existing thread sparks a new question or line of debate, please make a new thread.
  • You don't have to post in every thread you see. If you can't be helpful or add something positive/informative/humorous please don't post. This means NOT posting "Thanks" at the bottom of a thread or "Yeah, I agree" or anything of that nature.
  • Do not post lengthy cut and paste articles in the middle of a thread. Posting a link will be fine, just let people know what to expect when they click on it.
  • If someone specifically asks about a product or application, tell them about that, don't tell them how you think something else is better. Feel free to answer the question and add that you feel something else is a better product with justification. This is especially relevant to gearheads and Nikon/Canon/Olympus/Pentax/Sony evangelists, if they ask about Tamron, Tokina or Sigma tell them about it not about how the Canon/Nikon/Zeiss is better
  • If you don't like a subject, a poster or a moderator or something/someone gets on your nerves; stay away. Don't wreck the thread, start a flame war and don't attempt to act as the moderator of this forum.
  • Swearing is banned.
  • Avoid posting twice (known as double posting) or more consecutively in the same thread, if you want to reply to 2 different people just use the built in multi-quote function. Also if you've made a mistake or have additional information USE the edit button, DO NOT post again. Double posts may be merged or removed without notice.
  • When replying to someone DO NOT nest quotes (This means quotes inside quotes), remove the extras and just keep the one you are replying to directly unless the context from previous quotes is really required to understand your reply.
  • When posting someone else's material please include them as a source at the bottom both for acknowledgments of their work and for any copyright issues.
  • No plagiarism, if you copy someone elses work, or upload someone elses picture, quote it and credit the source. We WILL find out if you don't.


  • Be respectful, as with the forum be polite and keep foul language to a minimum. There maybe youngsters about.
  • Please be sensible with the use of smilies and try and limit yourself to 3-4 smilies in one shout.
  • No pornographic links, adult material, sex chat or pictures are to be posted in the Shoutbox.
  • No flaming, arguing, fighting, squabbling or insults in the Shoutbox.
  • Do not flood the Shoutbox and don't press enter too many times (don't post a string of 5 shouts in a row).

Buy/Sell Section

  • The Buy/Sell section of Shutter Asia is a bonus for active members, those who are here SOLELY to sell items will have their posts removed and be banned, please contribute to the forum - more here.
  • A user requires 50 PROPER posts to create a new thread in Buy/Sell. Trying to artificially raise your post count will result in an instant 7 day ban.
  • Please take care to post in the proper section for Buying, Selling or Non-Camera. More here.
  • Strictly NO Price Policing - do not mention "You can buy cheaper new" or "XXX sells it cheaper". It's a willing buyer and willing seller market that dictates the prices, unless you are interested in buying an item please do no comment in the thread.
  • Please make some effort to post properly, you can follow this template to create a more complete post and increase your chances of selling.
  • Commercial sales are NOT allowed in the Buy/Sell section. More here.
  • Do NOT post the same item more than once, just BUMP it.
  • Do NOT BUMP your post more than once every 24 hours.


  • We operate a STRICT no spamming policy, we will not tolerate blatant spamming of any commercial sites, affiliate schemes, xxx, pirated software or any other money making schemes.
  • Please note that we DO NOT allow the posting of commercial workshops, holidays, trips, model services or anything else that involves profit. We only support community based efforts, workshops must be for knowledge and not profit.
  • A commercial workshop is defined as a workshop/photoshoot where the money taken from participants more than covers the costs involved leading to a profit by the organizer.
  • We have no problem with links to other sites that are on topic or relevant, linking is one of the fundamentals of the internet. Beware that if you sign up and post a URL as your first post it will be considered spam and removed without consideration.
  • Do not post threads which primarily serve to point members to another site in which you have a vested interest or stake.
  • This extends to personal sites, we encourage posting of anything on-topic. If you provide a service or software that may be of interest to our members you are welcome to post as long as it's non-commercial (e.g. freeware, open source photo editing or web gallery software). Please include a description, introduction and screen shots if relevant, a URL on it's own will most likely be removed.
  • If you wish to use our forum as a form of free-advertisement, it's not going to happen. Such posts will be removed, and the poster may possibly be banned from Shutter Asia.
We reserve the right to edit or delete any Avatar or Signature without prior warning if it's against the forum guidelines.

Please also read our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer.

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