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Originally Posted by jackyyong View Post
Hehehe .... this has turned into a current affair thread! I just want to comment on your pictures taken at night. The white balance is way off. Maybe you should use tungsten or shoot RAW instead.

Anyway appreciate your work man! Keep the pictures coming to educate the people. But pls do be careful. We don't want to see your piece of L-lens broken!
no worries dude.
the WB is wayoff bcuz i use AWB and not intended to change it as it's just to document it.
just straight from the camera with minor brightness adjustment.

27th May 2008
lil bit update of some problem with my car, so didn't manage to check out the site in the morning and afternoon.
just drop by the site again and.... not to my supprise...

Grandsaga 3 - Resident 3

Police still continue to monitor the site.

"Rakyat Menang. Grand Saga macam Samseng"

found this interesting advert banner which kinda reflect the situation. kakakak

people power!! 2tonne concrete block being pull off far from the main site.

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