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(PLS READ) Only Here at Shutter Asia to Buy and Sell?

As an initiative for the benefit of our members we have noticed many people here at the forum only to use the Buy/Sell sections of Shutter Asia.

For these people please note we are a photography forum, not a buy/sell forum.

The buy/sell section is a bonus for our members, those who are here purely to buy/sell without adding to the community will no longer be tolerated.

If you wish to utilise the buy/sell section of the forum please contribute to the other sections by posting pictures, helping to constructively comment on pictures posted by others, answer questions even asking questions.

You can also share news/reviews and it'd be good if you wish to join outings and events too.

Remember Shutter Asia is about keeping the photography community alive and pushing the bounds of creativity.

Merely buying and selling goods does nothing for the benefit of the community.

Many thanks for your consideration and understanding.
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