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The Long Awaited FotoKrazy Aniversary Party! - Penang

Official Gathering, 2007 #4 - Anniversary Special!

Date : Friday, April 20, 2007
Time : 20: 00hrs onwards
Venue: AutoMobile Cafe, iAvenue, Bukit Jambul - Penang

20: 30 Meet and introductions; Eat and drink at your own cost.
21: 00 Slide show of what we enjoyed in the past years (Including gathering, outings and etc), narrated by myBest?
21: 30 Slide show of members' masterpiece*
22: 30 Chit Chat and the usual sharing.

*this round we will start with 12 to 20 photos. each having 3-5minutes for showing and Q&A.
*Please select your photos and save them into either a disk, usb flash drive or your memory cards
*Optimum resolution would be 800 x 600 in landscape mode.

For more information on this gathering, you can contact either Albert, myBest or Leschang. (Contact informations)

You are welcome to bring along your own photos, videos, laptops and etc.
Let the fun begins...

Here a map on how to go.

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