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Originally Posted by shapic View Post
where to buy it the?? just found out about this caffenol thingy, .
would love to try it one day.
Shapic, welcome to SA.

If you are into film and like to dabble in a bit of home brew well we have a few other kakis that have much better results then mine using cafenol or caffenol.
If you go back to the 1st post on this thread I did describe how to get the basic going then its up to you to experiment with different types of instant coffee, concentration and timing the "wash" even can try with Vit C or ascorbic acid. I even use hypo from the aquarium shops as fixer. The beauty about this concoction is non-toxic to the environment compared to traditional film developers. But I heard sodium carbonate (washing powder NOT baking powder aka sodium bicarbonate) maybe hard to fine in your area, but in Penang no problem.

You may even want to check out my latest using paracetamol as developer here :
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