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Originally Posted by ching_eei View Post

I'm interested but I do not have transport around Malacca. I'm currently based in Singapore and if I'm coming, I'll be travelling to Malacca by express bus.
Can I get a lift from anyone here when we move around in Malacca? One of my friend is interested too and same scenario with me.. so there will be two of us without a car.


Ching Eei
ching eei, i don't see that as a problem, no worries, we should have plenty of car around. but we might have to split both of you out to sit in different car ya.

Originally Posted by noordin View Post
Darn. I'll be in Dubai.
Uncle noordin! Let's do it in Dubai. haha!
I commented your picture not saying that I am good in taking picture, but I think you can do better than me!