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Pics from my lumix (used for its 36-432 zoom range):

#18 Friendly pro - 2 bodies Nik D2 + Fuji S3/5 ... anyone can id him?

#19 Another Nordic fan - love her shoes

#20 Red as a lobster - though not many went topless to beat the heat

In the Citrine stands:
#21 Father & Son rooting for Ferrari & McLaren respectively

#22 Guys concentrating on the race report, Ladies chatting to while away the time

#23 Rose in the Mall ... thanks to Sampoerna, now I know her name

Finally the car shots with the Lumix at 432mm ... only 4 out of maybe 60 clicks ... even then no-head-no-tail (cantonese) hahahaha

#24 Lewis Hamilton (trademark yellow helmet)

#25 Fernando Alonso

#26 don't know who - I thought this is the most uninteresting design

#27 someone from the Italian Toro Rosso team ... hmmm that means red bull in Italian?

...finito ... grazie

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