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Originally Posted by ShaolinTiger View Post
Aloha, I hope you aren't put off posting in the forum as we are trying to promote a feeling of openness here, where people should be open to criticism and able to accept that perhaps their picture is not perfect, or maybe some people just don't like it.

We are trying to steer clear of the elitism felt in many other places and place everyone on a level playing ground.

We hope that everyone doesn't feel fear when giving their opinion or constructive criticism and we hope everyone who hopes pictures does so with the humility to accept such criticism and comments.

That's the concept anyway.
I appreciate the intentions, ST. Yes, everyone is welcome to their opinion and likes and dislikes, so on and so forth. I wish everyone well.

Honestly, I was quite thankful for the episode of the salon thingy--it made me realize that I needed to spend more time learning how to take better pictures than spending time talking about it.

As for criticism and comments, yes, I welcome those just like any person who wants to improve at something. Does anyone like "Good shot" or the ubiquitous "Nice capture" without ever wishing for gentle suggestions for improvement? I think it's certainly safe to say that learning comes from constructive criticism. But is labeling constructive? With all due respect to the other Shutter Asia members who post opinions, <i>a one liner is not really constructive in the real sense of constructive</i>, ST. Let's face it. So I didn't learn anything from the two labeling posts except the fact that it labeled my photos, and that really does not help me be a better photographer, thus my decision. Perhaps we can clarify that constructive criticism includes things like advice, suggestions, specificity, and a logical progression of thought.

As I said, I really wish to move on. Thanks for the time and energy you spend on this great idea of a forum. Best wishes, as always, Aloha.
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