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i usually like raising old threads for kicks, but for this particular thread, it is for dissemination of crucial information for your safety.

this happened to a friend of mine. she has a charge card but did not use it since receiving it. don't ask me why.

last week, she was due to pay for service tax on the card and called up the bank twice to confirm as to whether she could use her accumulated points from her credit card to set-off against said tax. on both occasions, the persons answering her call asked for her name and card number. now, bear this in mind, as she had yet to swipe the card at any merchant since the first day.

now, imagine her surprise when she received a letter from the bank about 'urgent transaction verification' yesterday. she called up the number on the letter was shocked when told that there were two attempts to swipe her charge card, last week(!), for three and four figure sums respectively! i believe those sums were merely to test the card, and if was successful, the perps would have gone on a shopping binge!

so, moral of the story is, be wary even when calling your bank. don't call them up on frivolous matters, and the best is to deal directly with a bank officer face-to-face. if you have to call, make sure you note down the date and time, and get down the telebanking officer's name.

stay safe, folks!
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