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Penangkia™ 2008

This is a series of what Penangkia™ has been gone thru during the year of 2008

19January2008, SA penangkia did a photowalk around town, suppose to meet at komtar underpass, but some ppl went to kuan yim teng...
i think he went there for "breakfast" with the beggar, lol
After shoot shoot we drop by a camera shop to get poison

22February2008, first ever penangkia TT at egate, a lot of people turn out, it was a crazy nite with flash....

02March2008, some penangkia hike to Pantai Kerachut, xavier and bro, harry n GF, cloudx and GF

08March2008, election day, but me, edwin and zumi went plane spotting, follow by street shooting in georgetown with vijay

14March2008, TT in egate again, this time we celebrate cloudx birthday there as well

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