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Hi Karolina,
If you are not a professional photographer then it will be great to look into investing in a dslr flash, though I would say that the flashes by Nikon and Canon are more towards the higher end of the spectrum for beginners or photography hobbyist, have a look to buy Nissin Flashes.

Nissin flashes are cheaper and don't underperform relative to Nikon and Canon lenses though if you are talking about features, Canon and Nikon of course have some extras but for you, doing photography as a hobby, the Nissin flashes will do just fine.

When you get the flash perhaps you can try attaching it with a diffuser and snap during the wedding events. Depending on the ceiling height, if it is low ceiling, bouncing will be great without the diffuser but if the ceiling is really high, then you may want to get a Diffuser altogether (the weird white thingy that are usually attached on the top of the flash).

I would also assume that you are snapping with an 18-55mm kit lens. This is fine in my opinion for leisure use but do consider buying standard zoom lenses because brands like Tamron and Tokina can perform much better under low light because of their better auto-focus feature but no need to go to the extent of spending the thousands, the hundreds can work just fine.

This is just my two cents opinion but I would recommend to try out flashes first before you decide to go for lenses. Flashes alone will give you a great new array of amazing photographs already. Enjoy!
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