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Hey, I like shots 2 and 3. The others do not tell a story for me. With shot number 2, you have depth created by the pavement down on the right. Also your depth of field is focused on the cyclist, gently blurring out the back ground. The only think I am thinking is it would have been nice to have him more over on the right of the shot. In the middle, the eye sees everything it needs to see, and does not need to wonder any were else in the shot. More on the right and it would have told the story of moving across the frame, drawing our eyes from right to left.

The contrast is what works really well for me on these two shots. The difference of black and white. the end result seems to have been taken more into consideration on these shots... playing to the format you are using.

Apologies for critiquing them. Good job on those two shots. Keep sharing. :-)


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