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Anyone who offers FOC wedding photography can potentially cause problems for other photographers who actually make living from this. That's a fact.

However, we do live in a free country (supposedly) and couples are free to make their own decision while photographers are free to charge or not to charge. Most people would agree that using a photographer who openly advertises as being FOC would be very risky. If they want to risk it, that's their own choice.

Honestly, I still feel that 'pro' photographers who make a living from weddings don't have much to fear from FOC photographers if their own work quality is consistent and good. Established wedding photographers here are still making good money as they have already established trust in the market. Upcoming photographers are probably more adversely affected as they are nowhere as established yet.

One thing's for sure, once the FOC photographers get good feedback from their 'clients', they'll definitely be charging next!
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