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Originally Posted by orionmystery View Post
The last one looks the best to me. The water was a bit overexposed but good try . Did you use any filter?
Didn't use any filter. Now want to buy one ND filter since you guys always talking about it. In my possesion, I have just CPL filrer. Can it be used in this kind of situation?

Originally Posted by limgt View Post
I think you shoot a little bit too late. Best time to shoot waterfalls are 7-9am, that's when before the sun shines too much, therefore causing overexposed shots. If you're late then ND filter will help avoiding overexposure.
Actually I realize it quite a bit late. Arrive there bout 8.30am but for Sabah it's like 9.30am in Semenanjung. So the sun already rise-up and the water been exposed to much by the light. Don't have ND filter. Actually I also bit dissapointed with the product. Must go next time to that place very early morning. Try to do it dalam masa terdekat ini.

What are the higher f stop that apperture can go with manual mode? Is it depends on the lens? Using this lens Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G and the highest I get was f/22.
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