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For optimum transfer speed onto FB photo albums, first you need to know the maximum dimension (long side) in the FB photo viewer is 604px.

What I normally do is resize my photos such that the long side is 604px in length. When you upload your photos, FB will somehow degrade the quality of your photos, presumably to save storage space on their servers. So you FB friends will still view them in slightly deteriorated quality.

Even if you upload a 1024*684 photo, it'll be resized to 604*403 (lazy to verify this figure - but you get the idea) by FB. To save time, you should do the resizing yourself prior to uploading.

Btw I don't understand your question rgd "changing canvas size". Wouldn't that result in clipping? (Assuming you're talking about Photoshop).

Btw2 - FB photo uploader is lousy. I used to be able to upload 40-50 photos at one go without fail. These days anything more than 10 will result in "Upload Failed". Frustrating! The Simple Uploader (max 5-at-one-go) is much more reliable though.
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