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since these photos were taken using e61i and SP500uz,i will not cover all the involved technical aspect such as shutter speed, aperture or noise.
however, they really looks underexposed.

i think major issue on your shots is the composition.
for example in pic #1, the car should be in the frame.
if u want to take shot of the sky, then focus on the sky first.
then, try to use surroundings as some additional elements to make your shots better.
same goes with pic #2.

for pic #3, i see that the clipping of the flower a bit odd.
the simplest way to capture the flower is from top angle.
then divert your shots to other angles that u find it interesting.
this is more like try & error experiments.

for pic #4, the photo is ok.
but again, to improve it, u need to exposed it longer by using slower shutter speed maybe around 10-15 seconds i guess.
not sure if your camera can do that.
and also, this photo lack of contrast.
use photo-editing software to boost the contrast.

for pic #5, again it is down to composition.
not sure what you are trying to shoot here.
one thing you should remember when shooting landscape like this;
if there's horizon, make sure it is horizontal.

overall, i think u got the idea, just that u need to work on some fundamentals first.
just keep on shooting, do research and i'm sure u'll get there.
don't worry bout these photos, i'm pretty sure u can do much better in the future.
keep it up!
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