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Originally Posted by yiling929 View Post
Sorry for interrupt...Am using Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC MACRO lense but the image for e.g ants, is not up closed enough. Any comment/suggestion for me?

Hi yiling929, you can try raynox dcr250 or extension tubes.

dcr250 on your 17-70 might give you up to 0.56x only.

full set of extension tubes (68mm) might give you close to 1:1

Anyway, it's all estimate only. Best way to calculate magnification is to shoot an mm ruler.

Originally Posted by stevensys View Post
Hi Master,

Below is how my flash diffuser looks like, is this this angle good enough? coz most of my macro pics i taken kind of having hard shadows and the lighting is not soft. Can advice if anywhere is wrong?
Steven, check out this..similar case.

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