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Here's my two cents worth.

Your original pic suffers from a few problems. The highlights have a strong blue cast; the reds are saturated and have no cyan to balance it out; the yellows (also in the 1/4 range) are leaning more towards green than red.

To sort it out (using Photoshop) I put sample markers on 1) highlights (pure white), 2) mid greys (in scarf) and 3) black (most heavy dark area). I then used the hue/saturation dialog box to desaturate and color correct the reds and yellows. I used the selective colour dialog box to add cyan to the reds, and subtract cyan (and add magenta) to the yellows to make them warm. I then went back to the hue/saturations dialog box to desaturate the blues and cyans (as there are now major objects in the image with this in it) to remove any further casts in the 1/4 tonal areas. Lastly, I used a soft gaussian blur mask to get rid of the artifacting in the girl's face (avoiding the eyes); and lifted the entire middle tone using the curves dialog box in order to get a more airy feel through the image.

The whole image leans towards the warm anyway so you might want to add a touch more magenta or just up the saturation on the reds - depends on how you like the image. BTW This looks less saturated than my version on Photoshop.

Hope you like it.

All the best,

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