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Originally Posted by SooHK View Post
Yeah I agree as shots taken by anyone shows the way the photogs see the world. Hence even if a P&S given to a granddad is powerful tool.

Even our cultures or the way we were brought up makes a differrent. I posted some of the same photos to 3 differrent forums which located in 3 differrent cultures/parts of the world, the comments is differrent. SA is the last place I posted. Hence its amazing to see some of the difference and allows me to understand more. In one forum after I said I took it from the hip, they posted the way of a friends that tries a total differrent way to SP. A P&S modified to look like a phone. Strange but its true.

I have also flip through a book on shots taken by vision disable photogs. You will be suprised as how they see the world...

I hope I could one day to do that successfully to convey my view at the point I click to the viewer, the road its long but with constructive comments all of us can make it even a slow learner like me... Thanks
may i know whats the site? its a good idea to see comments from ppl of the other culture.
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