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Originally Posted by ridzuan View Post
"steal" from garlicpedia ~ USD132 for a Fujinon 210/5.6
CPE2 is a slow continuous rolling agitation contrary to some articles saying that ilford films require 10sec inversion/agitation for every minute. But the outcome of the continuous CPE2 was ok worr. Once you have continuous agitation like in the tank/drum, you need only small amount of chemistry as the liquid keep on rolling, IMO. So Neoro's system is pretty workable. For 8films 4x5 i used approx 500ml in the Jobo 2500 series tanks, and I have tried reusing them by addid 10% development time, each time
Its more like a give away for a LF Fujinon lens at that price.

For my tube @1:100 I only used 3ml stock per sheet, its not going to break my piggy bank but more importantly the results are much better then the 1:50 dilution, even development and details in the dark but holding back in the bright, can't hope for more
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