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Great coverage, just like being inside... but creepy.

Things to be remembered as a reminder for all, albeit a grim one.
I'm sure ex-inmate would have goosebumps when they see Pic #9.

I had a tour inside when it was opened to public like 13-15 years ago.
It's really creepy.

During that tour, after seeing the cane-site and the waiting chamber for death rows, my elder brother passed out all of a sudden while walking, and fell to the ground face first. Luckily in about few minutes he came back and was weak.

I know what many are now thinking but he never recalled anything. He just remembered blacking out with no control.

I'd say it was the heat at mid day of tour but my dad said it was caused by mysterious 'things'. Well... And later that day we got home safe and sound
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