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clumsy_human, better to go nearer to the subject. I'm sure that they are quite friendly and accommodating if you have asked them politely.

In fact, I think the majority of the performers won't mind you shooting their pictures if you could also shoot some specials for them for keep sake.

Originally Posted by qqmeng View Post
nice.... i always like these sorta photos.

it has its character.

unfortunately it s going to extinct soon in malaysia.
No lar, wait till the next poh toh (hungry ghost) or the 9 emperors celebration. These are the best time to capture these traditional performances.

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i'd really love to take these kind of pics. may i know where and when can i find such events? any "pantangs" for a non-chinese like me to sneak behind the stage to get wonderful shots like these?
No taboos or pantangs. Just ask the manager/person-in-charge politely. Compared to Ampang, I think the performers in Klang are more friendly.
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