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Originally Posted by zique View Post
What would you do if you see guys trying to take advantage of the fact that event girls are there to allow people to take photos with them?

While at KLIMS2010, I've seen quite a few times where guys put their arms around the girls and made the girls uncomfortable. Had to scold a few of them and there was a few times where I had to forcefully push their hands away when they won't relent even though the girls move away from them.
unfortunately this is not a new occurrence...
as far as I have seen it has been happening at many car shows...
some girls are ok with it while some are uncomfortable...

I'm glad that you are able to react in the way you did...
good to know that chivalry is still alive
however imo at the end of the day the girls will also need to learn to handle the situations themselves.... as there may not always be other people around to help them..
I have noticed the more experienced models handle it in different ways... at the recent F1 there I noted one even firmly tell the guys no touching...

but I also do feel that we should keep one another accountable and to create a respectful culture...
guess as photographers we can educate one another on respectful ways to treat the models...
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