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Originally Posted by davors View Post
one of the reason is that this forum have too many strict rules...

double post kena warning...
photo too big kena warning...

photographers don't really care the remeh temeh rules...
people will rather visit other forum...

just my 2 cents...
actually that is not served as "warning" but I would call it a reminder... imagine if you upload a few photos which is too large in terms of file size and resolution, how long will it takes to view that page? Frankly, this is for the sake of every members, to share and to let us view your photos which impress us, but what if it loads to slow? For me, I will rather ignore and skip it...

Well double post, is to keep the thread properly and tidy. Won't you feel it is so messy when people reply/quote a post which is commenting your photo like "Thanks" for lotsa times? 10 people commented your photos, so you will get 10 times same replies... *sweat* haha... Every reminder(or so called "warning") has it own reason why it is stated here. Cheers!

Originally Posted by nightc View Post
How about those photo shops like J-One, YL Camera, Microsonic, Yamiya?

Do they share any photo with us? Do they make any comments on photos or share any review?

Do they even reply your message or PM?

Just my 2 cents
For that, it is different story... They are ShutterAsia appointed retailer which provide best offers to our members. Of course, they earn benefits, but you must know that, some of the price is definitely cheaper than others. You may also apply as a ShutterAsia retailer if you have good deals for ShutterAsia members.
I commented your picture not saying that I am good in taking picture, but I think you can do better than me!

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