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Photography Dictionary & Acronyms

The Shutter Asia Dictionary and Photography Acronym guide.

If you have any additions please do post them in the thread and we will integrate them into this main post.

This list of is meant to help new and unfamiliar users to familiarize themselves with frequently used acronyms and other terms relating to Photography in the Shutter Asia forum.

AE = Auto Exposure
AEB = Auto Exposure Bracketing
AF = Auto-Focus
AF-S = Auto-Focus with Silentwave
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AP = Associated Press
BTW = By The Way
Bokeh = The subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of an image projected by a camera lens
Bump = To move a thread (usually item for sale) up in the recent posts list
CA = Chromatic Aberration
C&C = Comments & Criticism
CCD = Charged-Coupled Device (aka: sensor)
CF = Compact Flash
CFD = Closest Focusing Distance
CLS = Creative Lighting System (from Nikon)
CMOS = Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (Canon dSLR image sensor)
C or N = Canon or Nikon
COD = Cash On Delivery
CPL = Circular Polarising Filter
CS = Creative Suite (a suite of programs from Adobe)/Counter Strike
D (e.g. 400"D"/"D"200) = Digital
Dark Side = As in Star Wars Dark Side meaning Nikon
DCM = Digital Camera Magazine
DI = Digitally Integrated (Tamron Lenses)
DO = Diffractive Optics
dSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex camera
DRI = Dynamic Range Increase - A technique like a ND Grad filter but in photoshop
DX = Refers to sensor size of Nikon dSLRs, or lenses made for exclusive use of such sensors. However there appears to be no official explanation on what it stands for.
EOS = Electro Optical System
ED = Extra-low Dispersion
EV = Exposure Value
EVF = Electronic View Finder
f/(number) e.g f/2.8 = focal length to aperture diameter ratio (aka, aperture or f-number)
FD = Face Detection
FFK = Fong Fei Kei (Miss your flight = Literal, Generally took to mean not turning up for a meet/TT)
FOVC = Field Of View Crop (Crop Factor, Focal Length Multiplier)
FTM = Full Time Manual (Focusing)
FTW = For The Win
FYI = For your Information
GWC = Guy with Camera
HDR = High Dynamic Range - A technique of blending 3 or more different exposure of the same shot to increase the dyanmic range (usually -2,0,+2)
HSM = HyperSonic Motor (from Sigma)
IF = Internal Focusing
IR = InfraRed radiation. Usually refers to infrared photography
IS = Image Stabiliser (from Canon)
IMHO = In My Honest/Humble Opinion
Jedi = Light side of the Force (Canon)
L = Luxury (Type of Canon Lens)
LD = Low Dispersion (Type of Lens Element)
LPF = Low Pass Filter
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
MF or M = Manual-Focus
MFD = Minimum Focusing Distance
ND = Neutral Density (Generally refers to filters to help you get a longer exposure)
ND Grad = Neutral Density Graduated (A filter used to even out the contrast between bright sky and dark foreground)
NVM = Nevermind
NR = Noise Reduction
OE = Over Exposed
OIS = Optical Image Stabiliser (from Panasonic)
OOF = Out Of Focus
OP = Official Photographer
OS = Optical Stabiliser (from Sigma)
OT = Off Topic
OTW = On The Way
OVF = Optical View Finder
PLS = Please
PPL = People
PM = Private Message
PnS = Point and Shoot (Small compact type cameras)
POV = Point Of View
PP = Post-Processing/Post-capture Processing
PS = Photoshopping/Please see
Red Dot = Leica (Because of the logo)
RTFM = Read The F*cking/Friendly Manual
ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
SD = Secure Digital/SanDisk
SLR = Single Lens Reflex
SOS = Save our Souls
SOT = Sour Old Thing
SR = Shake Reduction (from Pentax)
SSS = Super Steady Shot (from Sony)
ST = ShaolinTiger
SWM = Silent Wave Motor (from Nikon)
SYT = Sweet Young Thing
TBA = To Be Advised or Announced
TBC = To Be Confirmed/Continued
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TT = Technical Talk/Teh Tarik session(Gathering)
TTL = Through The Lens
TTYL = Talk To You Later
UE = Under Exposed
USM = Ultrasonic Motor (from Canon)/ Unsharp Mask / Universiti Sains Malaysia
UV = Ultraviolet. Usually refers to ultraviolet filters, although they are usually used to protect the lens from dust, fingerprints, ect, rather than to filter out UV rays.
VC = Vibration Compensation (from Tamron)
VR = Vibration Reduction (from Nikon)
WMD = Weapon of Mass Destruction (Referring to SLR cameras)
White Side = Canon (Because of their white lenses)
WTF = What The F*ck?
WTH = What The Hell?
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

*Last Updated August 6th 2008*
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