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On the way to Bagan

My travel along the mighty Irrawaddy river, on my way to Bagan, started at five in the morning. I spent on a slow boat all day and got definitely time to catch some interesting photos of people and life along the river.
I was in Bagan at nine in the evening, more than 15 hours on the river stopping by on every village between Mandalay and Bagan.
Maybe is a little bit boring because of so many hours but relaxing and interesting.

I will remember forever when, almost arrived in Bagan, in the middle of the dark, during one of the many stops, all of us heard terrible screams. Five or six people was trying to push on the boat a terrified and pig that was screaming madly.









Comments and critiques always welcomed...
For the complete job, the story, and more details:
Photos of Irrawaddy

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