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Originally Posted by duke916 View Post
know the diff between Broad and Short Lighting, it helps alot. Caesda still getting the hang of it, give time will get it.

It's always good to know the model, know what to do with the lights.

Broad - good for subject with more narrow face.

Short is the other bway round.

Ohhh.. let me add, not shot in my studio in my class lah ... ( clarrify a bit )
You are right. The shots of Evon here were not shot at your studio or workshop.
I have to work with what ever light setting that was provided which did not take into consideration of the face of the model.

Thanks for your clarification Duke, on the broad and short lights. I was not aware of the impact of the difference in light set-up on the face of the model because the light set-up at your studio is normally in order and would suit the models.
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