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August & September Update for Shutter Asia!

Forum News

Quite a few updates since last time, we've been really busy! We've reached over 2,700 members, 4,700 threads and 42,000 posts thanks to you all!

Keep up the good work, keep posting pics and keep sharing your thoughts.

We had a bit of press back in August in the local tech mag PC.COM - you can check out more here:

We are also working hard with a new initiative in a local model contest called VR Star Model Contest with Amber Chia.

Shutter Asia now also has a full membership scheme with benefits including VIP entry to VR Star Model events!

You can find out more about the membership here:

Sign up now so you can get your VIP access.

Full VR Star Model info is available here:

You can sign up for the first event here:

Get your VIP access now the list is almost full!

There are some great prizes up for grabs like a Nikon D80, D40x and D40!

Weekly prizes will be a Nikon Coolpix S510 and RM800 worth of vouchers from J-One.

Shutter Asia Monthly Challenge

Our monthly challenges have kicked off in October with the first theme "Kitchen Stuff".

You can find out more info here:

Get your entry in soon, it will be extended for 5 days due to only a few entries.

You can see the current entries here:

And enter your own!

There WILL be prizes for the monthly challenge including this month and onwards.

The winner will get a RM200 voucher for YL Camera!

You can keep an eye on the current challenge here:

A new one will start in November.


Remember when you post your pictures in the forum to give comments on other people's pictures, it's give and take!

If everyone just posts and expects others to comment, there will be no one to comment!

So when you post, do have a look at some of the other wonderful pictures and give your thoughts.

It's greatly appreciated.


Shutter Asia team is working on a few exciting things for the community at the moment, we hope to let you know about them soon.

We've had more successful outings and photo trips and will be organising more soon so keep an eye out on the events section:

And the Shutter Asia calendar:

Please do add events to the Calendar, if you see them in the newspaper, on the TV, hear about them from friends or on the radio.

Do share them with the Shutter Asia community, so everyone can join!


Do come and join us in the Shoutbox and chit-chat the day away.

Most afternoons there are around 15 people on and sometimes up to 20. There is someone on virtually 24 hours a day to chat, answer questions or discuss photography and pictures.


Don't forget to join us on Flickr if you are a member!

We have 359 members in the Flickr group now and 3,900 pictures!


We also now have a Facebook group (with 91 members), so do join us there if you are a member.

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