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Originally Posted by bry View Post
Thanks ST.

Yes, the diving can be good, I was there before and had some good vis and some good size fauna.

Not sure what you mean by "not a great holiday place". Do you mean there's not much there in terms of stoning by the beach, lazing in the resort, quality service, that sorta thing?

I was at Berjaya, but even though the buffet spread is not bad, I was underwhelmed at the place, given the price tag of the stay, in particular in view of the state of the chalets; they're looking a bit long in the tooth.

Perhaps Tioman is gearing itself more toward a young-ish audience, young couples and weekend warrior-type scuba aficionados, but not really the more luxury demanding families-with-kids demographic.

You think?
Yah basically, it's not a holiday kind of place really - if you're not a diver it could be kinda boring (beaches not that great, not many places to hang out, no activities, only a couple of bars in the Salang area).

And yah even Berjaya there isn't great, much prefer Redang/Perhentian tbh for a beach type holiday with good dive spots too.

Tioman is definitely more towards young-ish audience, hardcore divers, budget travellers etc.
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