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I've never try any Sigma for nikon mount before, but I've got my hands on the Sigma 18-200 for Sony mount.

Although not a very good comparison made but yeah I've also play around with the Nikon 18-200

What I think about the nikon is, the focus is great not much noise nor movement that you can feel, picture quality wise is great, the focus speed is decent too.

As for the sigma, I think picture quality wise is on par with the Nikon, but focusing is the annoying part. I find that sigma lens (May be not a right comparison made) but yeah the focus is quite noisy and tend to be prone to have issue.
It have that noisy motor sound, and also it is kinda broken as in the focus aren't accurate and it rotates in a very weird manner that you cannot actually use it properly.

I'm not sure about other build sigma lens but feedback was fairly good some even better than the original build.
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