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1. If I do not want the room as I have place to stay in Malacca, how much do I pay?
- You can pay RM80 for the joining fee only

2. If I have 3 persons including myself and we only want a room?
- Please let me know so that I can arrange with the hotel to get a room for 3 for you

3. If 4 of us going in one group, how much deposit should I pay up front?
- 4 of you have to pay a total of RM400. RM100 each no matter you pay in group or individual

4. Can I order more than 1 T-shirt?
- Yes, you can. Please state correctly the T-shirt size and quantity you want

5. What is the "FEE" for?
- This gathering is a "Self-Paid" gathering, therefore we share all the expenses/costs to make this gathering successful. The fee inclusive of the hall rental, 1x buffet lunch, 1x T-shirt, mineral waters, goodies bag and costs for the committees to make this gathering success!

6. If I would like to join for 2nd day only, how much should I pay?
- You have to pay RM80 (you will get all the items stated above)

7. If I would like to join for 1st day only, how much should I pay?
- You no need to pay unless... you want the goodies bag, mineral water and T-shirt

8. Is the fee including dinner on the 1st day?
- No, dinner is on your own

9. Is the hotel room inclusive breakfast?
- Yes, breakfast is included

10. I want to add additional bed, how much will it cost?
- According to the hotel's website, it is RM46 per bed.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to post it here.
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