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Just to share my experience.

Maxis has 2 types of broadband services. Wired broadband and Wireless broadband. You need make sure your place is within their coverage area before you can use these services. You can call their customer care to find out.

To use the Wireless broadband you need to be in the High Speed 3G coverage area, 3G coverage is not enough.

I was a streamyx subscriber but I've terminated it after I shifted to my new house, because there is no telephone line and my new house is outside streamyx coverage area. Now I am using my mobile phone as a modem and am using Maxis 3G (not wireless broadband because my house is not within high speed 3G coverage). I choose Maxis because it is my only option, other service providers only have GPRS in my place.

Speed wise, of course is slower than DSL (streamyx), but is not too bad, I think is 50 - 70% of that of streamyx 1Mbps (but this comparison is very subjective because there could be many people who shared the bandwidth at the same time). So I guess high speed 3G should be much faster. If your area only has GPRS coverage then you can forget about using your mobile phone as modem, it is very very slow.

Cost wise, I'm subscribing to the unlimited data package , the cost is RM120/month, or RM99/month during promotional period. This cost is on top of my voice call charges, so every month my mobile phone bill (voice + data) is around RM200 on average.

In my case this amount is slightly more expensive than that during my streamyx days (streamyx RM66/month + telephone line monthly minimum charge RM26, compared to 3G unlimited RM120). In fact, last time I kept the telephone line only because I was using streamyx. My mobile is still my main communication channel for voice calls because I'm outside most of the time.

So, maybe you can start with by calling each of the mobile phone operators to find out whether your place is within their 3G/high speed 3G coverage area. If more than 1 of them can offer you the service, then compare their fees. And then compare that with how much you are paying for streamyx now.

And not forgetting, if you are planning to use your mobile phone as a modem, then make sure your phone also is a 3G/3.5G phone. This can potentially add cost to your switching. As for wireless broadband (need high speed 3G ya), then you can opt for their modem.

Hope this helps.
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