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Credit card fraud

today i became a victim of a credit card fraud to the tune of RM12K.

i applied for my credit card on 20 may but only ended up receiving the card it on 22nd july. it seems CIMB bank loves to send credit cards via normal mail instead of courier. in this respect, OCBC and HSBC gets points for this as both banks send their credit cards via courier and do not charge for the services. if you do insist on courier, CIMB will bill you for poslaju of rm4.

anyway, after a long wait and more than ten calls to inquire, plus twice to request for replacements as i did not receive anything prior to that, i decided to have the card couriered to me on the 16th. but before that, i informed the bank on the 14th that should i not receive anything by the 16th, i insisted upon my card being couriered.

anyway, a strange thing happened on the 14th july itself. at 130 pm thereabouts, i tried calling a fellow pm'er on my cellphone. i was surprised to see the message 'sim invalid'. i didn't give much thought to it. the strange thing was i could still read the phone book list. anyway, after confirming it wasn't network failure or sim card being damaged, i went to the nearest digi shop here in pandan indah to get it replaced on the same day itself at 430 pm.

anyway, the next day after i receive my card i.e. 23 july, i decided to activate it on-line i.e. to ensure i could view my balances and make payment on-line. imagine to my horror that my card was billed for RM12K++. apparently the smooth criminal bought jewelry from a gold shop at rawang on the 14th july!

now, i call CIMB today and they tell me that 'i' had personally confirmed and activated the card! and furthermore it was from my phone number! and not only that, whoever was it at the other end of the line knew all my personal data and verification information! and they told me the call was made around 117 pm on 14th july!

so i go to the digi shop to make some inquiries, surprise surprise, someone posed as me and decided to 'cancel' my sim card with digi around 1226 pm july 14th at pandan indah(!) and asked for a replacement! with a fake IC that had my name, address, and IC no! but admittedly, i am far more handsome than my impersonator.

anyway, here's a scan of the photocopied fake IC given by the perp to digi. whether it is his real picture or not, only God knows.


anyway, i am contesting this fraud and have lodged a police report. i'll also be lodging a report with BNM. to all pm'ers, be careful when applying for new credit cards.

* best to apply with foreign banks i.e. OCBC OR HSBC. the cards are couriered to you at no charge. i only applied with CIMB because they promised me i didn't have to pay the annual card fees for life.

* if you must apply with local banks, insist on the cards being couriered to you. bite the bullet and pay the courier charges.

* during the period between the application and receipt of the card, never ever reveal your personal details to anyone calling from 'private numbers'. do not deny or confirm whether as to you have received your card. always insist on them identifying themselves and asking them for their contact details and say you will call them back.

* if you think you are suffering from a 'network or sim card failure' during that said period, immediately get ask your network service provider to halt all services to the sim card and call your bank to confirm that 'no one' has activated your card. remember, most credit card providers will call you to confirm that it was you upon making your first transaction with the card.

* if anyone not known to you was to call you to ask for the cellphone number of a friend claiming he knows that person, do not divulge the information. liaise with your friend first as this may be an attempt to procure your friend's cellphone number for fraudulent purposes.

well, dewds. wish me luck as i try to untangle this horrible, horrible mess.

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