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Originally Posted by leslie View Post
i bought something for an unspecified amount in KLCC recently, also using CIMB card, they called me at the store, and i verified the call on the spot.

You better lodge a police report and send a complaint to BNM, the complaint letter will be attentioned to either the directors of CIMB bank, Dato Sri Najzir himself or the Head of Retail Banking.

A similar fraud involves EON bank also
i have already lodged a police report last friday evening upon discovering these fraudulent charges made in my name.


i have lodged credit card fraud involving identity theft reports with both BNM and CIMB today. as noted by some members here, it all reeks of an insider job in connivance with an external syndicate capable of creating false NRIC cards.

here's hoping that they are caught and convicted together with the exoneration of my goodself of these fraudulent charges.

oh, and a big thank you to pm'er n. azlan for those detail for the specialist lawyers and also for that other thing. here's hoping your friends in there can expedite the issue.
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