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Old 03-15-2007, 01:32 PM
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Welcome to Shutter Asia - New Member Introductions

Hi all, when you joined the forum do take a little time to introduce yourself here and let us know a bit about how you got into photography, how you ended up at Shutter Asia and what you would like to contribute or see from the forum.

For me I'm one of the founders of Shutter Asia, British but living in Malaysia for the past 3 years. I'm a big fan of Nikon equipment and moved from PnS to dSLR in mid 2006. I found the high noise factor limiting and the lack of DoF due the tiny sensor, I got a D70s first of all but I'm currently using a D200 (which I'm very happy with!).

I do believe however the camera is just the tool to take pictures, a better camera doesn't take better pictures and you'd be surprised what some people can do with camera phones!

Work more on your concepts, creativity and composition and your photos will be great whatever camera you use.

I've found a great interest in Photography now and the wonderful people who also enjoy it.

I hope we can build Shutter Asia into a fantastic community for photographers and travelers all around Asia!

Please no Off-topic discussion here, no welcomes etc, one post per person for this thread. Any others WILL be deleted.

Please create a new thread in this section to introduce yourself:
Old 03-15-2007, 05:10 PM
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Me is Freaky... also called the FatmanShip and the clown...

Me a HKBABC (Hong Kong Born Australian Bred Chinese). I got into photography in Dec 2006. Decided to go to the white side as I'm looking to go into full frame (hopefully not in the too far distant future)

To me photography is like art. It's a personal thing. Some will like ur pic, other won't. Doesn't matter... So long as you have fun doing it...

That's the whole point of life... go and enjoy it
Old 03-15-2007, 05:21 PM
masao masao is offline
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Hi I'm masao, and I guess most of you know me better as michhy.

Hailed from PM (the site we love to hate) and I downgraded from large cameras to tiny ultracompacts due to the nature of my work (travel....)

I'm a hobbyist photographer. Nice knowing you all. Cheers.
Old 03-15-2007, 05:24 PM
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I'm Jack...Jack...purely from Penang, Malaysia

Before I have my own camera I already start clicking with my fren's Pns. In Dec2004, I finally got myself a Canon A400 and start to serious in photography with the PnS, read a lot, and shoot a lot.

After 1 year with the PnS, i know I can't go further with the PnS any more. I start to save money, try to find a better camera to continue shooting. Canon S3IS was in the list as my budget was around there only. But then I know I will not satisfy with this S3IS for I decide to go for DSLR.

Finally, December 2006, I got enough money to buy myself a DSLR, Canon 350D. Money from the little bit bonus and my hard saving....

And I'll still continue shooting and learn at the sametime

for live!

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Old 03-15-2007, 05:50 PM
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Caveman I am, seldom leave the cave. Talk less and shoot more normally with bunch of crazy ideas.

I bought my 1st SLR camera Minolta X-700 since I was in form 3 with all my saving and angpow collected, it was really very long ago. I wasn’t serious about photography until recently. In fact, I should put it as I gave up a few times due to workload and non of my friend is shooting, no one to give guidance and teaching. Luckily, we have a forum like this to make lot of friends and exchange knowledge.

I love photography.
Old 03-15-2007, 07:10 PM
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Hello kaki! Im yannick from Sg Lembing! haha Sg lembing boy, ah chow always call me tat. hehe I interested into photography since secondary school, tat time i still using friend's film's camera and cheap one. Just got the feeling to photograhing, we always climb up to the sg lembing top hill and stay over nite there, wait for the sunrise. I love shooting sunrise, its so nice the feeling to see sunrise. I bought my 1st PNS Olmpypus e100 camera when i study in university (UKM), bangi. That time helping my lecturer to do reseach and earn some money to buy this PNS camera. So happy to own this camera that time. After i step into this "realistic working life" in KL, i was so busy and tired in my job and i stop shooting photo untill last year august when i read 350D promotion package with a free zoom lens, i lost my mind and bought this 350D at the camera shop in Sg Wang, and i know so many photography kaki in forum photomalaysia. Life become a different story to me, and i want this photography hobby to continue cheering my life, and everyone in this world. CheersS!
Old 03-15-2007, 07:12 PM
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The name is derickuan and the guys sometimes address me as DK.

I took up photography in 2001 when I bought my first SLR camera, Pentax MZ7. Learning photography then was not much fun as there is limited resource to explain the technicalities of using the camera in a proper way. From print film, i develop a favour to use chroma B&W films and later on slides. My favourite film is still Fuji Provia for slides and Fuji Superia 200 for print films.

When the wave of affordable digitals SLR came, I was, at first, quite skeptical to use digital cameras as I told myself reluctantly, film still better than digital. Opinions changed when I get to check out the pictures taken with a Nikon D70. In 2005, I switched to digital completely as I got more control with my pictures and was quite tired with the time wasted waiting for the slides to develop and time wasted for the slides to develop to prints plus throw in the money wasted for the processes. With digital, I learn more in a year than what i did 4 years with film but I have to tribute mainly due to the vast resources in the internet on photography especially forums like this where you get to learn from others and exchange of ideas.

I'm just an hobbyist in photography and hopefully one day I got to own a professional camera like the Nikon D2X in the future. I'm a fanboy of Nikon products..hehe
Need to remind myself....take more pictures....:p
Old 03-15-2007, 08:42 PM
Gojira Gojira is offline
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While my name is Gojira, I'm not 30-storeys tall, green and spiky. I do however, have radioactive breath and am a sucker for punishment

I bought a Panasonic FZ5 prosumer camera in May 2005 and soon upgraded to a Nikon D70s by November. You'll find me involved in lotsa gear and nonsense talk but I do post photos occasionally....

Oh yeah....I'm supposedly ShutterAsia's resident appetite matches my nick! Probably one of the few Sarawakians in this forum if you hail from Kuching...let's go for laksa!
Old 03-15-2007, 11:52 PM
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NOthing interesting about me.. But i did started out photography in a rather unexpected way, 15 yrs ago, got a manual film camera... and took me almost 5 months to learn how to use it, plus all the rolls of film i wasted. Heck it was cheap lar then.

Got a real break and some form of exposure in England but had a stop of it for almost 7 years. Now back trying to recall what i actually learnt

Enjoy yourself. oh yea if you ever want to go somewhere and shoot, this is what i learnt, never ever bring someone who doesnt like your hobby or your interest, most of the time they will be trying to get you to entertain them instead
Understand your life backwards but live forward
Old 03-16-2007, 12:11 AM
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Some call me Sam, some call me Sampo. My nick has nothing related to where I am from. If you can guess, it is a famous weed from Indonesia and I am consuming those daily to ease my stress besides from shooting all the way using my camera.

I have a long list of pretty model in my contact book and yet I have so less time and interest to take a nice portrait of them. Some asked me where do I get to know all these pretty gals and my answer is hang around with few of them and your list will automatically multiply in no time.

My photography is about what I see and what I like to captured for remembrance. Therefore, you will see most of my photos is out of composition. Some said I am born with no talent and I have to agree with the statement made.

I started with film and broke spending all my $$ developing over exposed photos. I continued my photography using digital camera. Owned a 1.3MP, 2.0MP, 4.0MP, 5.0MP and now on 6.0MP digicam.
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