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Old 12-20-2009, 10:34 PM
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Y?? Y does this happen when I use flash???

Can you please help me reduce red-eye effect?? Pls help to PP...Ori file here or 1024 x 768 here

one without flash
Sony NEX 3N

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Old 12-20-2009, 11:37 PM
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Old 12-21-2009, 08:45 AM
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Dog's eyes or animal's eyes are very sensitive to light, so u'll get this kind of eyes with u use flash
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Old 12-21-2009, 01:40 PM
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Dogs eyes are like this, you'll always get ghost eyes if you shoot with direct flash.

You need to diffuse/bounce the flash.
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Old 01-06-2010, 09:30 PM
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Look up Red Reflex on this page....
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Old 08-21-2010, 08:22 AM
charley charley is offline
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If you have an external flash, you can try it off-cam so flash won't directly hit the dog's eyes. i believe canon g9 have a hot-shoe adaptor. You buy some cheap trigger set and play the flash with off-camera.
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Old 01-20-2011, 03:34 AM
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you usually get this effect worst at night, where animal or human eye iris is open at full "aperture", so the reflective internal retina will be exposed. once got flashed from the front, you'll get reflection back into your camera. during the day, this effect is less noticable, since iris is closed to the smallest opening possible (due to bright light), so there is no or very little reflection.

the purpose of pre-flash red eye reduction commonly found in P&S camera, is to be able the human/animal iris to close to smaller opening with respond to the bright pre-flash, so when the actual flash/photo snap is taken, the iris is already at minimal opening possible, hence reducing red eye effect.

human retina is less reflective, so it only reflect red color, hence the name "red eye", animals retina are more reflective, and different animal will reflect different color, some got blue, some green, and some with almost pure white. as in your dog, it seem you have to do the "purple eye reduction"

just desaturate the eye region and make it a bit darker in PP, but leave or create some reflection as is to maintain realisticness (shiny eyes). hope it helps even though this thread is already months old.
follow the light

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