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Old 08-23-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by thenokiagallery View Post
you must be joking mate.

No.1 Facetime is a joke when most phone can make 3G call to any phone
No.2 "advance" multitasking are u joking? When close app need load back is call multitasking? You wanna know whats multitasking? Check this out this is call true multitasking
Nokia N9 @ The Real Time Multitasking Challenge - YouTube

No.3 Are u joking again better quality photos? Somemore need 3rd party app Iphone only give u a choice to snap and shoot thats all

have u seen this phone? Remember the below photos are without post processing even DSLR user need to go back home to edit with their photoshop or lightroom for iphone 3rd party app filter

Nokia Lumia 800 without extra lens and without post processing

Nokia Lumia N8 without extra lens and without post processing. Only added watermark

One more last photo taken during my photoshoot from the Lumia 800 and let me repeat again without post processing no extra lens used and NO 3rd party app. Do check the photo EXIF to confirm.

Nokia Lumia 800 @ A story within a story by JTproductions, on Flickr
lol chill bro, why so serious
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